Dr. Satya narayana

Associate Professior – BDS, MDS, CMW

Associate Professor
Department of Public Health Dentistry
MNR Dental College & Hospitals
Sangareddy,Telangana – 502294
Email ID: satyanarayana.dch@mnrindia.org


  • ICMR- National Institute of Epidemiology – NPTEL Online Certification on – Health Research Fundamentals’
  • NICPR – National Institute of Cancer Prevention And Research(ICMR)– Certification of Application of Statistical Software’s in Medical Research
  • Certification program on  FORENSIC ODONTOLOGY
  • National Oral Health Programe & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare GOI – Tobacco Cessation consular Certification
  • Certifie  program on disaster management  by NDMA


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